Kim F.
“Eating By Design” enthusiast 😉

kimWeary of feeling discouraged and defeated about my weight and health after yo-yoing with all different diets, trends, programs, etc., I am so grateful that I found Crystal Chester and her program “Eating by Design”. Everything I have learned from her has been invaluable and life-changing, not only because of the knowledge I now have about food and nutrition, but also because of the new perspective I have.  I have found freedom in that perspective and a whole new world has opened up for me that has been exciting and life-giving, and potentially life-saving. I am so grateful.


Deanna G.

My time spent with Crystal was definitely worth the money spent. There is so much information out there regarding diets…low carb, low calorie, high fat, low fat, high protein, etc. that it can be confusing to one who is struggling with weight loss. Crystal helped me sort through what I needed to focus on based on me and my lifestyle instead of some fad diet that doesn’t produce long-tern health goals. The tips she offered were easy to adapt to which makes it easier to stay committed.


Amanda R.

amandaI wanted to write my testimonial about how Crystal helped me! I had my gall bladder removed just after the birth of my first child over 12 years ago. Ever since I have had crazy digestive issues, gradual weight gain and I had to take laxatives every 3 days and sometimes every day just to use the bathroom. I have tried changing my diet and added more fiber and greens but nothing helped. I would get discouraged and quit because I couldn’t see any changes. Recently I had even hired a health coach to help me lose weight. Even with all of the food changes I wasn’t seeing any changes, I wasn’t losing weight and my body was just storing everything and not releasing anything! I was told to use Miralax twice a day which started to help, but if I missed using it one time I was back to square one and blocked all over again. One evening when I was at dinner with Crystal we had spoken about the fact she didn’t have a gall bladder and what she was taking to help the function that she had lost. She told me to take Ox Bile to help the body to metabolize the fat and Milk Thistle to help the repair the liver that had been working over time to do what the gall bladder is supposed to do. So I took her advice to see if it would change anything. It took about a week for my very stubborn body to start changing then all of the sudden I am going to the restroom very regularly and this week alone (the 2nd week) I have lost 3 pounds already! This is huge for me!!! I cannot believe the difference that this has made in my body! Thank you Crystal for taking the time to have this conversation with me! It has changed the coarse of my life and my fitness goals!!! 

Donna M.


Crystal has given me so many helpful tips on nutrition and converting to a healthier lifestyle. While I definitely need more training, it’s empowering to utilize the tips I’ve learned from her so far! I am amazed at how unhealthy some of the foods are that we eat everyday thinking we are introducing healthier choices for our family……labeling can be so deceiving and Crystal will help you break down the ingredients and understand labels. Crystal has been instrumental in helping me make better choices at the grocery store. She is so knowledgeable with sound nutritional advice and VERY friendly and easy to talk to!

Theresa S.


Crystal Chester is an amazing advocate for living a healthy lifestyle! She explains nutritional health on a level everyone can understand and provides expert guidance on making healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices. Crystal’s zest for sharing her vast knowledge is evident, and her friendly, down-to-earth demeanor is refreshing and sets you at ease in an instant!


Carrie J.


Crystal is awesome!!! I trust her 110%….. I recently asked her her opinion on a few things. I have taken her advice and so far I have seen a drastic improvement in my health! She’s the best!!!