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Food intolerances and sensitivities are on the rise. The following are just a few signs & symptoms of a food intolerance / sensitivity:

  • Fatigue
  • Digestive issues
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Diarrhea / Constipation
  • Joint pain
  • Headaches
  • Acid reflux
  • Trouble focusing
  • Memory loss
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sinusitis

Food intolerances can occur when we continually eat food that the body doesn’t identify as “safe”. It senses the food is a foreign invader and the immune system is initiated to get the “threat” out of the body. Once we remove the food completely, and the threat is gone, inflammation can then turn off. However, an undetected food intolerance can lead to chronic inflammation and further into autoimmunity. The sooner you can detect a food intolerance and food sensitivity the better to avoid more serious complications down the road!

Crystal Chester RD offers advanced clinical testing for food sensitivities & food intolerances to help narrow down specific foods.

Other conventional allergy tests have been shown to be inconclusive and unreliable. Standardized allergy tests also create their panel based on raw foods only. When you cook a food it changes the molecular structure & one could be allergic to the cooked variety but fine with the raw, therefore, with the standardized tests would conclude an unreliable result.

With Cyrex Labs, their panels are created to detect foods that are raw, cooked and modified (ex: alkalized or fermented). With this advanced testing for food allergies and intolerances we can better narrow down what food(s) are problematic. For example, instead of eliminating all dairy this advanced testing can pinpoint say, the body is adversely reacting to milk but not cheese – since cheese has a different molecular structure than milk. Which will give someone more variety in their diet than having to eliminate all dairy.

Gluten & Celiac Testing

Many times people have been tested for gluten sensitivity and celiac but the results have come back negative yet they still feel better when gluten is avoided. The majority of lab tests only screen for “alpha gliadin” when screening for gluten sensitivity. However, people can react to a number of different portions of the gluten protein. Thanks to current research we now know only testing for alpha gliadin is extremely limited and produces many clinically negative results.

If your symptoms suggest gluten sensitivity but your gluten test came back negative you may want to consider getting a more thorough evaluation. This advanced covers all possible triggers. With Cyrex we can test for all of the following to give a thorough look into gluten sensitivity: 

  • alpha gliadin
  • omega gliadin
  • gamma gliadin
  • deamidated gliadin
  • wheat germ agglutinin (WGA)
  • gluteomorphin
  • prodynorphin
  • transglutaminase-2 (TG2)
  • transglutaminase-3 (TG3)
  • transglutaminase-6 (TG6)

But it doesn’t stop with dairy and gluten intolerance testing. See Cyrex Lab’s complete list of foods we can screen for. Contact Crystal to set up a test today! 


More Advanced Testing to Help Us Get to the Root

Crystal also offers testing for:

Multiple Autoimmune Reactivity Screen – measures predictive antibodies, some which can appear up to 10 years before clinical tests can detect them

Diabetes Reactivity Screen – a great tool to assess markers of autoimmune components of diabetes & identify reactivity prior to the onset of diabetes. 

Neurological Autoimmune Reactivity Screen – assists in early detection of brain disease such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, etc. 

Barrier Permeability Screen – measures intestinal permeability to large molecules, which inflame the immune system both in the acute and chronic stages.

Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability – helps in the early investigation of contact sports-related Traumatic Brain Injury, and evaluates the breach of Blood-Brain Barrier caused by stress, trauma or environmental triggers, even in the absence of apparent concussion or brain injury.

Irritable Bowel/SIBO Screen – provides a more accurate test for Irritable Bowels and SIBO by assessing IgG, IgA and IgM antibodies to Bacterial Cytotoxins and Cytoskeletal Proteins. With this screen improves upon the standard breath test for SIBO by eliminating the need for exhaustive dietary restriction and collection protocols for patients, while providing better specificity and sensitivity through serum antibody testing.


Advanced Testing Prices & Cost

Cyrex Labs’ advanced testing is separate from nutrition consulting and Crystal does not get paid or incentivized for using this lab. Cyrex Labs  does not take insurance however, every client will receive a insurance reimbursement form from Crystal upon request to turn into their insurance for possible repayment. Approximate cost for these tests are $200-$600 each.

To read more about this testing, please visit Cyrex Labs

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